Cloud Security

Kratos SecureInfo Cybersecurity ServicesIs your cloud environment secure? If you’re not sure, then you should assess and mitigate your cloud security risk and vulnerabilities by performing a comprehensive risk analysis.

Kratos SecureInfo helps secure your enterprise environment with confidence. We assess your current security measures, identify existing vulnerabilities and provide a report of actionable recommendations.

Our risk analysis helps your organization understand the risks around cloud systems and the consequences a data loss or other security event could have on your organization. 

We have performed extensive information security work with industry leading Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Dell and many more. 

We have also been certified by the U.S. government to validate the security controls of CSPs before they can deliver services to federal agencies.

Our 4-Step Process for a Cloud Security Risk Analysis

  1. Evaluate – review compliance efforts, including administrative, physical and technical safeguards
  2. Assess – probe for potential weaknesses in security policies, security procedures and systems
  3. Discover – identify vulnerabilities, threats, potential data breaches and cybersecurity risks
  4. Recommend – provide prioritized and actionable advice as part of a report, with available assistance to remediate issues that have been uncovered
Cloud Security Risk Analysis Benefits
  • Assess and mitigate your cloud risks and vulnerabilities
  • Enhance your cloud security posture and avoid security breaches
  • Receive tangible, practical and actionable remediation recommendations 
  • Implement remediation actions to mitigate threats