Policy & Procedure Development

Kratos SecureInfo Cybersecurity ServicesAre your organization’s security objectives aligned with your goals and documented in your policies and procedures? Your policies and procedures are not just paperwork—they are the foundation of a strong security plan.

Kratos SecureInfo works as an extension of your security team. We review existing policies, identify gaps and fills those holes to help ensure that your documentation is relevant, understandable and in alignment with organizational and regulatory goals. 

Policy & Procedure Development & Management Capabilities
Once your policies and procedures have been developed or updated with our help, your organization’s security foundation will be more current, sound and in compliance.  How do we get there?

Our cybersecurity experts:

  • Collaborate with your organization to develop strategies for effectively communicating policies, standards and procedures for measuring good security practices and compliance
  • Provide ongoing management of your policies, procedures and standards to ensure those documents are kept current and relevant

Experience the Benefits of Current and Updated Policies and Procedures

  • Ensure security objectives are aligned with organizational goals and encapsulated in policy
  • Improve security and demonstrate regulatory compliance through complete, relevant and understandable policies, auditable standards and accurate and secure procedures
  • Alleviate the need for internal staff to be regulatory experts and enable them to focus on their core competencies
  • Eliminate the internal burden of keeping policy documentation current and accurate