Incident Response

Kratos SecureInfo Cybersecurity ServicesAre you prepared to respond to a breach of your information systems?  Even the best cybersecurity infrastructure doesn’t prevent all intrusions, malicious acts or innocent errors. 

When information security incidents occur, it is critical for your organization to have an incident response program in place to respond quickly, accurately and effectively. This limits the damage and reduces the recovery time and costs after a security breach.

Kratos SecureInfo’s incident response security experts can develop an initial incident response capability, tune an existing capability or supplement your incident response team with targeted security expertise. 

Our services enable enterprises to act quickly with confidence when faced with cybersecurity incidents, while complying with applicable regulatory requirements. We have a proven track record in enabling organizations to effectively respond to network security breaches and denial of service attacks. 

We know that the speed at which you recognize, analyze and respond to an incident limits damage and exposure, while lowering the cost of recovery. When an incident occurs, we help stop the attack, report the incident, contain the damage, conduct a thorough investigation and recommend improvements to your systems and practices.

Incident Response Planning Benefits 
  • Safeguard information resources by quickly identifying and eradicating incidents
  • Minimize damage by leveraging repeatable and auditable response processes
  • Analyze and recover from attacks quickly with professional crisis management expertise
  • Proactively plan to reduce incidents before they occur
  • Prioritize and prepare for responses to incidents to limit the impact and cost