Helping Enterprises Secure IT SystemsAre your enterprise IT systems secure?  Cyber-attacks continue to increase, evolve and become even more malicious. It’s not a matter of if a company gets attacked, but rather when and with what consequences. The cost of cyber-attacks has been estimated to be as much as $250 billion, with organizations suffering losses in intellectual property, finances, reputation, stock value and more.

With so many threats on the horizon and the potential of dire consequences, how does an organization navigate this ever-changing landscape and address the security and compliance concerns that are so critical?

Kratos SecureInfo has helped secure enterprise environments with confidence over the over the last 20 years. Some of the most security conscious organizations in the government and IT sector rely on us to improve their information security posture.

Our services range from cybersecurity advisory support, audit and assessments, cloud security, cybersecurity testing, to continuous monitoring. 

Advisory Support
Cybersecurity is so complex today - could you use an experienced partner to guide you? Kratos SecureInfo serves as a trusted advisor providing expert security advice and strategy, including policy consulting, program management, security strategy, incident response planning and enterprise security architecture services.

Our advisory support services include:

Cloud Security Strategy – develop an enterprise cloud security strategy to ensure oversight and risk management
Our cloud experts can help develop a high-level security strategy roadmap to help you successfully achieve your cloud security needs.

Security Program Management- support the development and operation of proactive cybersecurity programs 
Based on experience from hundreds of customer engagements, our experts design a continuous assessment and monitoring program aligned with your strategy and industry best practices.

Policy & Procedure Development & Management – ensure policies reflect security goals and provide on-going management
We review your existing policies, identify gaps and fill those holes to help ensure that documentation is relevant, understandable and in alignment with organizational and regulatory goals. 

Enterprise Security Architecture –develop sound and practical information security architecture s tailored to your organizational needs
Our security experts support the deployment and maintenance of manageable, robust and secure systems and applications.

Incident Response Planning - limit damage and reduce the recovery time and costs after a security breach

We can help develop an initial incident response capability, tune an existing capability or supplement your incident response team with targeted security expertise.

Audit & Assessments
Need an unbiased expert and third party review of your security systems? Kratos SecureInfo provides independent assessments of security controls and the overall effectiveness and efficiency of enterprise security programs. We enable organizations to successfully navigate complicated regulatory landscapes and provide customized, risk-based solutions to address your unique needs. 

Our full suite of audit and assessment services includes:

Cloud Security – perform a risk analysis to assess and mitigate your cloud security risk and vulnerabilities
We help secure your environment with confidence by assessing your current security measures, identifying existing vulnerabilities and providing a report of actionable recommendations.

DIACAP/RMF DoD IT – assessing defense information systems according to the Risk Management Framework (RMF) DoD IT standards 
We assess the controls selected for Department of Defense (DoD) systems in accordance with agency and RMF processes, provide remediation assistance and move forward to the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) recommendation of the system.

FedRAMP–helping organizations  navigate and streamline the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program  (FedRAMP) process all the way through to gaining an Authorization to Operate (ATO)
We guide organizations through a streamlined and cost-effective path to obtaining an ATO, and we provide an effective continuous monitoring program to help maintain the certification over time. 

FISMA – providing assessment services to meet Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) authorization needs
Our experts provide support, including controls mapping, documentation development for a system security plan (SSP) and security testing.

NIST/RMF - supporting organizations in improving information security and strengthening risk management processes based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)/Risk Management Framework (RMF) framework
We help organizations implement true cybersecurity risk management by leveraging the NIST/RMF framework.

PCI DSS Compliance Readiness Assessment – helping ensure organizations are ready to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 
We provide in-depth PCI DSS compliance services to help you navigate the many complexities of using credit card payments.

Cybersecurity Testing
Our cybersecurity testing services mitigate risk by helping to assure that your enterprise systems and information are secure. As part of the testing, we deliver a report that summarizes a clear set of findings and recommendations for improvement, with an emphasis on actionable breach prevention. We deliver a range of services, including vulnerability assessments, application security and penetration testing to improve an organization’s security posture.

Our team specializes in cybersecurity testing, which includes:

Continuous Monitoring
Timely identification of problems or weaknesses and quick corrective action can help reduce the cost of any required periodic financial, regulatory and operational reviews to a reasonable level. That is the benefit of continuous monitoring – moving from periodic reviews to real-time security monitoring in order to minimize security threats and help ensure compliance.

Kratos SecureInfo provides continuous monitoring services to help maintain the security posture of enterprise environments. We design programs to identify and proactively address potential threats before they turn into breaches. We provide situational awareness of systems and their potential vulnerabilities.