NIST Security Controls Workshop 5-Day

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5 Days

The NIST SP 800-53, Rev 4 and CNSSI 1253 “Security Controls / Privacy Controls" 5-Day Workshop

Background:  This intense 5-day workshop is for personnel who must understand, implement, maintain, address and transition to the new NIST SP 800-53 Rev.4 security controls. It is highly recommended that the student complete the NIST RMF Workshop or have a complete understanding or experience with the new NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) / Security Authorization Process (SAP).

NIST, working with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS), has established a common, FISMA compliant, foundation for information security/assurance across the entire federal government.

The old, system-centric, NIST C&A process (NIST SP 800-37) has been revitalized (integrated into NIST’s RMF) and totally transformed into a “near real time risk management” process, based on continuous Information System monitoring – fully integrating the new SAP.

This workshop builds on and strengthens the students NIST RMF/SAP knowledge base. The blend of lecture and hands-on exercises is continued to provide the student with highly detailed information concerning the NIST SP 800-53, Rev.4, CNSSI 1253 security control selection and specification process and the guidance/activities necessary to translate the security controls identified in the Information System’s Security Plan into an effective implementation.

The student is also provided with highly detailed information concerning the NIST SP 800-53A, Rev.1 process of assessing the security controls in federal information systems and organizations (including the development of Security Assessment Plans and full coverage of the new “Program Management (PM)” family of security controls). Laptops are required for this workshop, as each student will be asked to participate in practical hands-on exercises that will greatly add to the student’s learning experience. See the “Course Topics” below for details.

$2,300.00 per student (GSA rates and volume discounts are available)

Materials Required: The laptop must have a Web browser, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Excel, and Word. Resource Kits are provided via CDs for students attending the course, for in-class work, as well as supplemental materials. NOTE: Kratos SecureInfo training locations have appropriately configured computers for each student.

Course Materials Provided: Students will receive a workbook (to include instructional slides) and Resource Kit via CD (includes all supporting materials and exercises).

We offer this course in the Kratos SecureInfo training classroom (San Antonio, TX or Chantilly, VA locations) or via mobile training at your facility for up to 15 students per course. Contact us at or (210) 403-5600 or (888) 677-9351 (ask for the Training Department) for more information and pricing on mobile training options.

Who Should Attend?
NIST/CNSS’s new common foundation for information security/assurance provides the Intelligence Community, Defense, and Civil sectors of the federal government and their supporting contractors more uniform and consistent ways to manage the risk to operations, assets, individuals, other organizations and the Nation from the operation and use of information systems. State, local and tribal governments, as well as private sector organizations that compose the critical infrastructure of the United States, are also highly encouraged by NIST to consider the use of the new guidelines.

The NIST Security Controls Workshop is intended to serve a diverse group of information system and information security/assurance professionals, both in and supporting all areas of the federal government/DoD and the Intelligence Community, including:

  • Individuals with information system development and integration responsibilities.
  •  (e.g., Program Managers, Information Technology Product Developers, Information System Developers, Systems Integrators)
  • Individuals with information system and security management and oversight responsibilities.
  •  (e.g., Authorizing Officials, Chief Information Officers, Senior Agency Information Security Officers, Information System Managers, Information Security Managers)
  • Individuals with information system and security control assessment and monitoring responsibilities.
  •  (e.g., System Evaluators, Assessors/Assessment Teams, Independent Verification and Validation Assessors, Auditors, Inspectors General, Information System Owners)
  • Individuals with information security implementation and operational responsibilities.
  •  (e.g., Information System Owners, Common Control Providers, Information Owners/Stewards, Mission/Business Owners, Information System Security Engineers/Officers)
Course Topics
Module 1: Introduction/Review
  • Workshop Introduction / Key Concepts
  • The Need to Protect Information and Information Systems
  • Purpose and Applicability
  • Target Audience
  • Relationship to Other Security Control Publications
  • Organizational Responsibilities
  • Q&A/End of Module 1 Exercise(s)

Module 2: Security Control Fundamentals

  • Multitier Risk Management
  • Security Control Structure
  • Security Control Baselines
  • Security Control Designations
  • External Service Providers
  • Assurance and Trustworthiness
  • Revisions and Extensions
  • Q&A/End of Module 2 Exercise(s)

Module 3: The Process / Part 1: Selecting / Tailoring Security Controls

  • Selecting Security Control
    • Security Categorization
    • Baseline Selection

  • Tailoring Baseline Security Controls
    • Identifying and Designating Common Controls
    • Applying Scoping Considerations
    • Selecting Compensating Security Controls
    • Assigning Security Control Parameter Values
    • Supplementing Security Control Baselines
    • Providing Additional Specification Information for Control Implementation
  • Q&A/End of Module 3 Exercise(s)
Module 4: The Process / Part 2: Overlays / Documenting / Systems
  • Creating Overlays
  • Documenting the Control Selection Process 
  • New Development and Legacy Systems
  • Q&A/End of Module 4 Exercise(s)

RMF Bonus Module:

  • RDIT Purpose & Applicability
  • RMF Transition
  • DoD RMF Policy
  • RMF Responsibilities
  • RMF Governance - Overview
  • RMF Knowledge Service
  • Security Authorization Documentation
  • The RMF Steps / Tasks
  • Categorize System
  • Select Security Controls
  • Implement Security Controls
  • Assess Security Controls
  • Authorization Information System
  • Monitor Security Controls

Module 5: Implementing the Security Controls (Students will use Modified SP 800-53 Workbook)

  • Implementation Tips
  • The PM Controls
  • The Dash-1 Controls
  • The A&A Controls
  • The Privacy Controls
  • International INFOSEC Standards
  • ICS Security Controls - SP 800-82
  • The AT Controls
  • The CA Controls
  • The AC Controls
  • NIST SP 800-70

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